All members of the FGWSNP, which has now been in operation for 3 months, have stated at different times, in different places, that we are, indeed, fortunate to have an exceedingly vibrant group, who have come together for the sole purpose of making a difference to how we would like to see the community in Fortune Green develop, in both the medium and longer terms.

When advertisements for membership were first requested, there was some excitement about the nature of the prospective participants, who, as the team has emerged, come from all walks of life. In addition, after our first formal meeting, we quickly realised that we now have a waiting list! We, therefore, knew that we were on the right track!

We are led, on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, by Sergeant Paul “Freddie” Truckle, whose humour belies what is, in fact, a shrewd recognition of what the group needs to do to ensure that our Crime Reduction Strategies continue to keep us at the lower end of the scale in Camden. He, in turn, takes his lead from the lay members, via our highly astute Chairperson, Anne Heymann, without whose background in the Law, as well as working for a number of years with the Police in the L B Camden; not to mention her dedication to continuous improvement, and the ability to create the structure needed to move us forward, the group would not be able to produce the kind or results which we have already seen, since its inception in August 2006. As part of the Constitution of the SNP, all officers are now in place, including a Secretary, Treasurer, and member of the CCPCG. We have a “roving” Vice-Chair”, in order to accommodate the many members who want to participate more fully in the work of the team.

FGWSNP is proactive in every sense of the word. We have used our statistics on crime in the area to promote attention to our priorities, a) Burglaries; b) Motor Vehicle crime; and, c) Anti- Social Behaviour. More importantly, we have involved the Youth in the area, who meet at the West Hampstead Community Centre and at The Venue, under the direction of their enthusiastic leader, Aston Stewart; we have chosen to make them an integral part of the FGWSNP, and at least one young person attends our meetings, with Aston, so that we can get, at first hand, what their particular priorities are. We have close links, too, with Hampstead School.

Currently, we are promoting our new website, to which all are invited to make comments. We are also in the midst of looking at a Crime Reduction Poster Campaign, which would, visually, give better access to the non- English speakers of the community. And, last but not least, we hope that was can get our young football team involved in the Youth work of Arsenal, who can then also help to train our young football coaches! Our attention to detail, re. unemployment in our area, will also serve to point us in the right direction, especially with regard to youth unemployment, and how far that might impact upon crime.

NB. Our first Public meeting, to which all are invited to attend, will take place in the Spring, on a date to be confirmed at our next meeting on 12/12/06. We look forward to seeing you there.